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Hi there! Thank you for being here. If you are interested in reviewing my books, I will be glad to provide you with advance copies. It is free of charge in exchange for your review.

*I want your honest reviews. My stories are steamy, contemporary romance, suspense, and a little bit of mystery. If you find that my books are not for you, please let me know, and I will remove you from my ARC Team.

*I'd love to read your review on Goodreads, Amazon, iBooks, Barnes, Noble, or Kobo. (No spoilers, please!) Once your review has been posted, send the link to your review to Failure to do so will be removed from the team. However, let me know in advance that you are unable to post your review. I understand that we get busy sometimes. :)

*You are not allowed to share the advance copies with anyone. You can tell your friends that they can support me with acquiring the legal copy.

Please proceed with this form.

Note: Answering the form won't guarantee you a spot.

You can DM me on Instagram @margarettegreyauthor or send me an email if you have questions. :)

Thank you!


With love,
Margarette Grey


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